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Try and Enjoy the Traditional Filipino Dishes and Cuisine

Yes indeed, Asia, is an entire continent filled with multi-faceted sights and varied attractions simply waiting for you to discover and explore. Just like in other country, Philippines has more than its fair share of natural wonders, historical landmarks, rich flora and fauna, nightlife and entertainment,  modern mega cities and of course, a wide variety of exotic and delicious food and cuisine spiced by influences from many different races and cultures. Philippine flights are readily wherever you are in the world, and the lure of attractions prove irresistible to many. Philippines’ offering of diverse attractions draws lots of tourists, the sheer number of which you can’t possibly find the time to visit and enjoy in a single trip. The best thing to do would be to simply relax, sit back and enjoy while you try to take in everything about your Philippine experience while it lasts.

The food is also particularly delightful everywhere in Philippines, fresh, cooked in different styles and infused with various flavors.




Pinakbet is one of the most favorite vegetable dish flavored with bagoong by the Ilocano’s. It is made-up of different fresh vegetables; eggplant, squash, sting beans, bitter melon, okra, and many more.

Kilawin na Tanigue



Kinilaw or Kilawin is a Filipino exotic food Delicacy with the main ingredients of raw fish (Tanigue) or grilled meat. Cooking relies  on the sour agent of lime, vinegar and seasonings to bring out its flavor. Simply prepare with ginger, garlic, onion, Calamondin juice and pure coconut milk.

Filipino food is prepared similarly and you can find anywhere in the Philippines to satisfy your craving for Filipino dishes outside your place. For the true experience of authentic and delicious Filipino food, everywhere in Philippines offers the next best thing for people to be able to enjoy traditional Filipino dishes and cuisine.

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