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Romblon, Sibuyan and Tablas Island Tourist Spot and Accommodation

Romblon is an archipelago of 20 islands that together make up Romblon Province. The area is rich in natural resources like granite and nickel and has lush vegetation that helps to make the locals self sufficient.



The three main islands consist of Romblon, Sibuyan and Tablas. The provincial capital is also called Romblon. The whole region is brimming with deep water fishing areas, which bring fishermen in from miles around.

The archipelago is centrally located in the Philippines and makes up part of the larger Visayan Island Groups, with Romblon being the furthest group north. One of the main exports that differ from other locations in the Philippines is marble, which is said to be as good as you can get in Italy.

Much of the area consists of mountainous ranges and steep heavy coastal sides that characterize the islands; beaches flow out to grassy hills which in turn fade away to rugged rocks and impassably obstacles. Tablas Island is the largest of all and like the area is mountainous and looks bare to the eye.

Mainit waterfalls was  located on Tablas Island, a popular attraction for tourists, although, it’s a private property visitors are always welcome.

The isle of Sibuyan is the second largest; shaped like a mango it is home to the famous Mountain Guiting-Guiting, which takes up much of the island and was first climbed in 1982. The island emerged from the sea due to movements in the earth’s plates and has never been connected to other land in the Philippines.

The national park on Romblon is now protected as most of the low lying forest was previously logged. Handicrafts in the province are exported, with the area being well known for traditional weaving and basket making, which many women do from home. Also fine bedspreads and beautiful laces are made in the region.

The islands’ name is said to have come from the word lomom meaning a hen. When a Spanish invader asked locals the name of the islands he pointed down to where a hen was sitting and asked the name and it slowly evolved into Romblon.

Hotel Resorts and Accomodation

Romblon Island

Blue Ridge Hotel, Romblon, Cellphone 0919-3819393

Buena Suerte Resort, Tambac

Cabanbanan Dive & Beach Resort Agtongo, Cellphone 0910-2837612.

Diwata Resort, Lonos, Cellphone 0920-7843522

D’Maestro Inn, Romblon

Muravian Hotel Romblon

Palm Beach Garden Resort, Lonos, Cellphone 0919-6437497

Parc Bay Mansion, Romblon, Cellphone 0921-5757760

Punta Corazon Resort, Cajimos, Sabang, Tel. (042) 5072269

Romblon Plaza Hotel, Romblon, Cellphone 0919-3977924,
Tel. (042) 5072269

San Pedro Beach Resort, San Pedro, Cellphone 0928-2730515

S & L Beach Resort, Lonos, Cellphone 0919-4477862

The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort Lonos, Cellphone 0919-4470713

Tiamban Aqua Club Beach Resort Lonos, Cellphone 0920-8094881

Sibuyan Island

Europhil Beach House

Bagumbayan Beach Haus, Magdiwang, Cellphone 0919-8621099

Corran Guesthouse (Vicky’s Place), Magdiwang, Cellphone 0920-5308533

Cantingas River Resort – A natural swimming pool and the water is cold, crystal clear and ever-flowing where one can quench his thirst while swimming. Around 4 kilometers away from Poblacion. It has a cottage with a conference hall.

Laura’s Resort , Cajidiocan, Cellphone 0909-2382235
Marble House, Cajidiocan, Cellphone 0920-8972103

Seabreeze Inn – Offers a bamboo huts with verands, facing out to sea. San Fernando, Cellphone 0921-2116814

Tablas Island

Angelique Inn, Looc, Cellphone 0916-2843718

Aglicay Beach Resort Alcvantara, Cellphone 0915-4256898

August Inn, San Agustin, Cellphone 0919-5922495

BuenaVista Beach Resort Looc

Gishelle’s Beach Haus, Camandag, Looc, Cellphone 0906-2696936

Haliwood Inn, Odiongan, Tel. (042) 5675292

Kamilla Lodge, San Agustin, Cellphone 0920-8450467

Kambaye Beach Resort, San Agustin

Morel Island Resort Morel Island

Odiongan Plaza Lodge, Odiongan, Tel. (042) 5675760

Poctoy Beach Resort, Odiongan, Tel. (042) 5675386

Puro Island Resort Puro Island

Rencio’s Resort Odiongan, Tel. (042) 5675834

Other Accomodation:

Carabao Island

Carabao Lodge, Lanas Beach

Ivy’s Vine Asian Beach Resort Lanas Beach, Cellphone 918-2573052

Nipa Hauz Beach Resort, Lanas Beach, Cellphone 0920-3643852

Republic of Inobahan & Vista Violeta, Hambil Beach,
Cellphone 0918-3303718

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