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PAGUDPUD ILOCOS – “The Boracay of the North”

PAGUDPUD ILOCOS – “The Boracay of the North”

Ilocos Norte is synonymous with warm tropical sunshine, azure blue skies; the most stunning turquoise blue and crystal clear water and sparkling white sands. Does it sound too good to be true? It really is that beautiful! It’s the Boracay of the North.


Saud Beach - the most beuatiful beach in Asia

Saud Beach – the most beuatiful beach in Asia

The pure white sands of Saud Beach was voted as the most beautiful beach in Asia and best of the beaches in the Philippines. Imagine a beach without too many tourists, no jet skis, no strip of seedy bars and not even a McDonalds, just you!


There are many great accommodation options in Saud Beach. You can stay at the Saud Beach Resort which is almost opposite our own hotel and be right on the beach. Or you can also stay at Polaris Beach Resort, also very close and on the beach. For budget travelers there are many Pagudpud homestay options, including Hannah Lou’s, Curramengs, Rafols, Udons and many more, so check out the list for contact details.


When you arrive in Pagudpud, What do you want to see? Where do you want stay? Where do you want to eat? Where is the most beautiful beach in Asia? There is much to see and experience.
You can explore the Pagudpud coastline and walk on the white sands of Saud Beach, and go swimming, or snorkel or go scuba diving amongst the fish.

However there are many other local sites to visit, There are so many things to do, why not go sport fishing?

The best time is May through to September, go windsurfing, go surfing and a lot more in the Pagudpud region.

Every April, Pagudpud celebrates the Kangayedan Festival, don’t miss it!

You can travel south to Burgos and visit the historic Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. There is also when visiting the lighthouse the town of BURGOS and the famous Gamet harvested from its shores. A good place to visit on your Pagudpud Tour

You can then afterwards take a trip to Bangui and visit the BANGUI MARKET and buy yourself some fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, and fresh pork and chicken, get yourself a fresh coconut to drink while there. Visit the town of Bangui and try some grilled fish from the roadside stalls on the way. Another good place to visit on your Pagudpud Tour

Bangui Windmill

Bangui Windmill

While you are in Bangui you can also visit Asia’s first and largest wind farm, go look at the awe inspiring BANGUI WINDMILLS and have a cold drink or hot coffee at the café there and be hypnotized as the graceful blades slowly rotate.

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