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Donsol, Sorsogon – Whale Shark Viewing and Accomodation

Donsol, Sorsogon is known as the “Whale Shark Capital of the World”.

January 1998 when a brave group of divers led by Romir Aglugub had the courage to interact and swim with whale sharks which led to prove that they are timid and safe, though Donsolanos thought that they are harmful sharks. In 2004, swimming with these whale sharks was featured as the Best Animal Encounter in Asia by the Time Magazine.

Whale sharks found their home in Donsol because of its unusual quantity of planktons which they feed upon on and also for its tropical and warm seas. It is a popular tourist spot for watching and swimming with whale sharks. Because of these gentle giants, Donsol is now considered as one of the traveler’s adventure favorite destination. It attracts lot of tourists from all over the world just to witnessed the abundance and enjoy an extraordinary experience interacting and swimming right beside these wonderful creations in the bordering seas of Donsol.

Donsol-Shark viewingAccommodations in Donsol

Tourism continues to develop in Donsol. The first hotel established in the area is the Amor Farm Beach Resort in 1997 followed by the Woodland Beach Resort in 1998 which started off as a family vacation house. Nowadays, there are various of affordable resorts and hotels that backpackers or family vacationers can avail.

Don’t forget to bring your cash because most of the establishments is cash basis only. Incase you forget to withdraw cash the only option is Giddy’s Place PADI Dive Resort , the only resort that accepts credit card payments to date. Landlines are non existent in Donsol and most rely on mobile phones. Internet service just came to Donsol in 2008 using cellular technology. There are a few internet shops in town and Giddy’s Place is also the only resort in town with internet and free WiFi, a pool that is also for scuba lessons and Donsol’s only in-house Diving Instructor. They are also the only PADI facility in Donsol and the surrounding provinces and has Grade A air and will have Nitrox by March 2011.


SCUBA diving with manta rays, firefly watching, kayaking, tours, etc. are good all year, but whale shark interaction is best December through May (though there are usually sightings November through June).

Woodland Beach Resort
Pangpang, Donsol, Sorsogon
Contact No. 0920 863 0191 (+63 920 863 0191 for international callers)
Contact: Maricho Bigayan

Apuyan Residential Inn
Tres Maria, Donsol, Sorsogon

Inday Tourist Inn & Lodge
Poso, Donsol, Sorsogon

Santiago Tourist Inn
Poso, Donsol, Sorsogon

Hernandez Guest & Pension House
Poso, Donsol, Sorsogon

For Department of Tourism accredited homestays, please get in touch with Ms. Irma Jimenez (mobile: +63 906 7625955) of the Donsol Inn-Keepers Association (DIKA).

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