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Dinapigue – a secret paradise in Isabela, Philippines

Discover the secret Island in Dinapigue, Isabela, Philippines.

Places to visit:

Dibulo Falls Dinapigue

Dinapigue Beach








Brief History

Typical of coastal areas along Sierra Madre Mountains of Cagayan Valley is Dinapigue, once a sitio of San Mariano, Isabela, inhabited by Dumagats, a group of indigenous people who primarily depend on hunting and fishing for their livelihood. Stories are told that the town divided its name from the name of the tribe leader whom the Dumagats respected and often referred and consulted on matters vital to them. Referring to the place where the leader stayed, the name stuck as migrants started coming in and they called the place as Dinapigue.

In June 21, 1969, Republic Act No. 5776 declared Dinapigue as a municipality, independent from San Mariano. However, the 14-year Martial Law regime hampered the growth of the budding municipality since development was at a standstill. It was only in the eighties that the first batch of elected municipal officials assumed office. Various development activities started only during the administration in 1986. These were further strengthened in 1991 with the enactment of Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code, wherein the national government devolved some of its functions to the Local Government Unit. Now, Dinapigue is enjoying the benefits, as well as trials and challenges, of an independent, burgeoning 1th class municipality.

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